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Structural Integration -- "The Series"

There are 11 sessions in the Soma series and the work is most beneficial if clients can complete the entire series. Often, effects are felt after a single session and changes can be noticed as the client progresses through the series, as each session builds upon the next. Each session focuses on a specific area and tunes the body to receive the next session. At the same time, each session also focuses on bringing the entire body into balance.

The first three sessions focus on the superficial layers of the fascia and facilitate breathing and initial movement awareness/re-patterning. The core sessions, 4 through 7, work deeper tissue at the center of the body focusing on the spine, pelvis and musculature that provides support. These sessions are critical in the restructuring and re-eduction of the body as all movement originates from and is supported by the core. The final integrative sessions, lock in the effects of Soma by reinforcing how the body communicates with itself. The body is ready to use its improved alignment to function with ease and grace and new movement patterns and awareness provide lasting effects.

The Series

Session Focus Results
1 Free the Breath
Release the tissue surrounding the rib cage and lengthen the lower back
A sense of lightness and well-being, increased energy and capacity for breath, a more upright posture.
2 Ground the body’s foundation
Lower legs and feet.
A sense of being firmly grounded and in touch with reality. Ankles and feet have more stability, flexibility and sensation.
3 Release the body’s sidelines
Lengthen the body from its sides with attention to the lower back/pelvis and freeing the shoulder girdle.
Expanded breathing, greater relaxation and more immediately available energy.
4, 5 & 6 Vertical Core
Adjust and lengthen the center line, or core, that runs vertically through the body.
Better balance and freedom of movement. Walking takes a fraction of the energy typically expended.
7 Head and Neck
Release the muscles of the neck, face and head.
More softened and relaxed appearance in the face, with increased self-reliance and personal power.
8, 9 & 10: Integration
Integrate the whole body in a new and more efficient manner.
Less stress and increased energy as the body’s structure becomes better aligned with gravity.
9A Arms
Release and integrate the arms and shoulders.
A lighter experience of the arms, greater ease through the shoulders, an experience of more connection through the entire torso.